Welcome to the “FERTILE” Project

Αn Erasmus Plus KA2 partnership promoting contemporary pedagogies that embrace cross-disciplinary learning by integrating Educational Robotics (ER) with Arts towards cultivating Computational Thinking (CT) skills in a blended learning context.


The “FERTILE” project’s core mission is to support educators design Artful Educational Robotics (ER) projects for blended learning contexts. 

Exploring the potential of integrating ER in a meaningful blended learning context by using ER simulators and enabling educators to co-design in a community platform holds the potential of promoting the post-pandemic digital transformation in education.


The “FERTILE” project aims to support educators in designing for blended learning by integrating ER simulators and remote collaboration into the educational practice. 

To this end, this approach’s main innovation lies in synthesizing Arts with Robotics to promote Computational Thinking. On the one hand, Arts as a discipline entails Computational Thinking, for example creating art involves problem-solving, representation of expression patterns, algorithm development, grasp the main idea of a literary text. On the other hand, physical or online robots can be considered a functional part of such processes; students create robots to represent behaviours, scenes, and motifs of poems or to describe a story in creative and out-of-the-box ways.


Project Partners

University of West Attica (UniWA)
Project Coordinator
Athens, GREECE
Universidad de Valladolid (UVa)
Valladolid, SPAIN
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC)
Madrid, SPAIN
Charles University (CUP)
Comenius University (CUB)
Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
Associated Partners
A number of associated partners in Greece, Spain, Slovakia and Czech Republic