Design Methodology

The “FERTILE” project’s 1st result focuses on developing the “FERTILE” design methodology to address digital transformation in teacher education.

A handbook on the implementation of the “FERTILE” design methodology is developed with guidelines for educators to: 

1) share activities between face-to-face sessions and online ones,

2) select appropriate ER technologies and ER simulators for various educational contexts such as primary/secondary/higher education,

3)  holistically cultivate computational thinking skills by integrating ER with Arts,

4) organize online interaction in a communication platform to enhance co-design and community learning. 


The milestones set include:

(i)  A review on the current trends in ER  (Milestone 1.1)

(ii) Profiling of educators involved with ER (Milestone 1.2)

(iii) An initial version of the “FERTILE” Design Methodology (Milestone 1.3)


Overview of the initial Design Methodology