Online Kickoff meeting – February 2022

Shortly after IKY, the Greek National Agency handling the Erasmus+ program announced that the FERTILE project was approved for funding as a Strategic Partnership (Key Action 2) In Higher Education, the partners organized an online kickoff meeting.

The meeting agenda included:

  • The UniWA partner, as coordinator, presented an overview of the project’s scope and aims.
  • The partners brainstormed on the relevant to the project technologies (ER or Community or Art) they have used and what for. 
  • The partners discussed managerial issues regarding:  (i) using a google drive to facilitate file sharing, (ii) organizing a mailing list to facilitate email distribution, (iii) developing the project handbook, and (iv) the paperwork and procedures required to sign the project grant agreement with the NA and the bilateral agreements between the coordinator and the rest of the partners.

It was really a warm-up activity!