The initial “FERTILE” Community platform is released! – November 2023

The “FERTILE” consortium proudly presents the initial “FERTILE” community platform available at  The “FERTILE” platform is a community platform supporting educators in designing and learners in implementing Artful ER projects. It provides educators with several functionalities: 
  • an authoring environment supporting educators to design Artful ER projects based on the FERTILE methodology,
  • tools supporting educators to co-design, exchange ideas and feedback, 
  • learning management features allowing the Artful ER projects’ enactment with  learners.
Furthermore, it enables learners to:
  • access the Artful ER projects to implement them,
  • collaborate with the educators and their peers while implementing the Artful ER projects.
Notably,  this release, developed by the UVa team following design principles synthesized by the consortium, will be used during pilot studies to get feedback and produce updated versions.