1st Transnational Project Meeting at URJC, Spain – May 2022

The FERTILE project partners had their 1st Transnational Project Meeting at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) in Madrid, Spain, on 26th and 27 May 2022. 

The meeting agenda included:

  • Exchanging experiences from working on ER, Art, and CT.
  • Overviewing the application and the timetable to clarify managerial and economic issues. Adjusting the FERTILE project’s Gannt chart to new dates due to shifting the project’s initiation from Sept 2021 to Feb 2022. 
  • Setting communication and reporting procedures to ensure that all partners align with the project’s objectives and their corresponding implementation.
  • Overviewing the preliminary version of the project management handbook including (i) the project work plan, ii) the project quality plan, iii) the project dissemination plan and (iv) the risk management plan.
  • Overviewing the FERTILE project anticipated results.
  • Discussing the 1st project task: “T1.2 Profiling of educators”. The partners presented their individual progress and arranged future actions. 
  • Discussing the 2nd project task: “T1.1Literature review on the current trends in ER”. The partners presented their individual progress and arranged future actions.

This first face-to-face project meeting allowed the partners to have more interaction and engagement compared to the online meetings that were organized previously. It promoted building trust and transparency.

Moreover, apart from the partners’ representatives available face-to-face in Madrid,  the meeting was available for remote participation to other project participants who couldn’t be present in Madrid due to financial and/or pandemic related issues.